Randomness & A New Domain :)

Does anyone else find the run up to Christmas more stressful than magical? Nope, just me then! I feel like the past two weeks have completely wiped me out. Having a bad cold hasn't helped but even now I'm over that I still feel tired and worked up. 

This morning at 9am I braved the supermarket for some last minute items.. It was rammed. According to one member of staff, when the doors opened at 8am it was bedlam with the car park already full. I'm glad that I finished the majority of the shopping last week. Twenty minutes this morning and I was done and so ready to go home. 

Off course, it will all be worth it on Wednesday. James has no idea that he is getting a bike for Christmas. The one he has now we brought off a friend and has stabilizers. This one is brand spanking new and such a 'big boy' bike. I cannot wait to put it together tomorrow night once he is asleep and then to see his face on Christmas morning. I know all the hard work and stress that I am feeling will be worth it. 

On a completely different note. I mentioned last week about getting a new blog design and changing the name of my little space here. I know I said that the URL wouldn't be changing just yet but on a whim I decided to trying purchasing a new domain.. The purchasing part was easy.. Linking it to my blogger account wasn't so plain sailing. It took hours and a lot of shouting at the computer for me to finally get it to work. The new URL is 

It's probably really easy to figure out the new name from that :) Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet. I fancied something different and with the new design (which I cannot wait to see!) I figured now would be a good time to also change the name. Hopefully along with the changes I can wave goodbye to my blogging slump... 

Okay.. One baby is in bed and the big brother is running around with just his jeans on, shouting that he is hungry.. One day, I am sure, I will miss these stressful weeks! 

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