Five On Friday.

1 - James is now on Christmas holidays from school! Truth be told he didn't go in this week at all due to him having the flu but now he's officially broken up! 
Hello Christmas! 

2 - I still cannot stop looking at the photos from the shoot that I received yesterday. 
Tomorrow I am going to get some printed and hung on the wall.. I still cannot decide which ones though! 

3 - My little space here on the big wide web is getting an overhaul. 
Last year I messaged Erin from Love Fun & Football letting her know that I was in the market for a new blog design and that I would be in contact.. Then I fell pregnant and well, life happened. It's no secret that since Emilie came along I've been in a bit of a blogging rut so I messaged Erin again and we're now in the process of working on a new design! I'm excited to spruce this place up a bit and hopefully kick start my love for blogging again! 

4 - Talking of my overhaul - I'm renaming my blog! For the time being the URL will still be www.forthoselittlemoments.blogspot.com, it will eventually change but not just yet. 
I'll let you all know the new name when I launch the new blog design! 

5 - I have finally made a start on wrapping the Christmas presents. For the past two weeks, everyday I have said that once the kids are in bed I'm going to wrap all the gifts.. Here we are just 5 days before the big day and it was only last night that I wrapped the first two presents. Oops! Tonight though I plan to hit it head on.. The good news is that yesterday I brought the final three gifts that I needed.. I have now finished shopping! Such a weight off my mind. 

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