I was right. The stress, the frustration, the tiredness. It was all worth it. I knew that it would be and come ten pm on Tuesday night, once James' bike had been put together, the presents were all wrapped and under the tree. The kids were both asleep in bed, I collapsed onto the sofa with a smile on my face. Up until then I hadn't really been excited about Christmas Day. More worried about getting everything done in time. But whilst I was getting ready for bed I felt excited. I couldn't wait for James to wake up with that excited look in his eyes, eager to go downstairs and see if Santa really had come. The look on his face when he opened the living room door was priceless.

Truth be told, Christmas wasn't perfect this year. Anthony has been battling tonsilitis for over a week now and spent a lot of the day in bed. Dinner never really happened for that reason and Emilie was teething up a storm.. The important bits were perfect though. An excited little boy, being together, playing, snuggling, laughing. 

I'm looking forward to the new year. New starts and seeing where 2014 and this crazy life takes us :)

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