A Year Ago Today.

A year ago today we found out that this little one was well and truly on her way. 

Just nine days after I wrote this post for Women's Connect 12, detailing my struggles with fertility, not even knowing that Emilie was already snuggled away inside of me. 

What a crazy year it has been. The excitement of finding out I was pregnant, the constant morning sickness, the scares that she gave us early on, the early contractions that landed me in hospital several times, her coming three weeks early, a perfect home birth. And then the craziness of her first 4 months of life.. Constant crying, excessive sleepiness, hospital stays, blood tests, colic, reflux.. 

{4 days old}

I wouldn't change her for the world though. She loves her big brother so much. He comes home from school and she gives him a massive smile. After I had James I declared that our family was complete and we didn't need anymore children.. How wrong was I.. What we needed was Emilie.. 

Now our family is complete.. 

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