2013 - A Year In Review.

It's New Years Eve! Every year since I fell pregnant with James we do the same thing for NYE.. We eat Pizzas and watch DVD's. Generally I end up falling asleep on the sofa around 10.30pm and Anthony wakes me at ten minutes before midnight so we can see the new year in together. By twelve-fifteen we are tucked up in bed. I like our tradition :)

Okay, I am jumping on the bandwagon of reviewing 2013. I failed at this last year due to morning sickness with Emilie so this year I am determined to finish this one.


I made my 28 in 2013 goal list. As
 we saw the other day, I only accomplished 11 of them. 
We had to call an ambulance out for James who scared the living daylights out of me.. 
My Sister had a surprise Baby Shower
& I ended up on bed rest after Emilie gave us a scare. 


I started on February in a bit of a slump. 
I was tired and fed up of morning sickness. 
We had another bout of snow. The beginning three months of this year 
I saw more snow than at any other time of my life. 
I had my 12 week scan! 
James turned four years old!


After two months without the internet,
it finally got re-connected. 
Posting from an iPhone is not fun. 
My sister gave birth to her beautiful Baby Girl
& we found out that Peanut was a Girl! 


I wrote about things I have learnt about being pregnant 
We found out which School James would be attending in September.
 & I fell down the stairs... Again.. 


I started (& finished!) the Blog Everyday In May Challenge. 
I wrote about Emetophobia


I started of June trying to decide on a hospital birth or a home birth.
I participated in the last "Fab Friday" link up. 
I spent a day un-plugged. 


James ended up in hospital and ended up being diagnosed with Epilepsy. 
England experienced hits hottest heatwave in something like a million years. 
I turned 37 weeks pregnant
Emilie Victoria Elsie
made her appearance at 37 weeks and 1 day! 


Anthony & I celebrated five years of marriage & I turned
I discovered how amazing sibling love is.
Then I spent two nights in hospital with Emilie. 


I realised that I had pretty much sucked at blogging since Emilie had arrived. 


I spent pretty much the whole month battling a baby girl that wouldn't stop screaming. 
We celebrated Halloween


This month started off with everyone battling a cold/flu/tonsillitis.. 
I realised everything that I had to be thankful for. 
& started thinking about Christmas traditions.


We received the photos from the shoot. 
(which by the way I still cannot stop looking at!) 
I changed my domain name to www.rosycheeksmuddyfeet.com 
\We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four! 

Woah.. What a crazy year! 
Bring it 2014. 

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