Thankful Thursday.

On this particular Thursday, I am thankful for... 

1 - My house.. It's not big, it's not flashy but it's home. 

2 - My husband. Yes, he leaves wet towels on the floor and doesn't always pick up after himself but he's there for me. I love living life with him.. 

3 - Energy drinks.. I have a three month old, enough said. 

4 - My son. My first born. 

5 - Technology. The internet. Social media. I love how it connects us all. 

6 - Talking of technology.. The instagram app is now available on Windows phones. 
Very thankful for that :)

7 - Seasons. I love the sun and warmth but am also a massive fan of autumn & winter.. Layers, boots, scarfs and snuggles under the blankets. 

8 - My little lady. My last baby. 

9 - My camera. I'm thankful that I am able to capture all the little moments. 

10 - Friends. Without them life would be dull. 

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