Miscellany Monday.

I'm hoping to bust this post out whilst Emilie is napping. She loves her sleep but will only sleep for around thirty minutes at a time during the day so getting anything done is hard.. Here goes.. 

A little school update about this one. He loves school! I will admit that before he started I was a tad worried about the fact that he already knew how to read & write and how the school would accommodate that whilst trying to teach the other children the skills that he had already learnt. Thankfully, it all seems to be going okay. He is mostly doing work from the year above and the teacher adapts groups sessions to accommodate his needs aswell as the other children. Over the weekend for homework he had to practice writing in cursive style and he was so proud of himself. I'm still not completely sure that we made the right choice with not going with homeschooling but I know that at any point we can change our minds. For now though, it seems to be working out. 


James was thrilled yesterday morning when I told him that we could put the Christmas decorations up. Last night before he went to bed he made me promise that they would still be up this morning. I love Christmas since having kids... Seeing the magic through their eyes is amazing.. Even Emilie is taken with the lights.. 


The past week I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on this "parenting two children" thing. I even managed to get 4 blog posts out last week. A record since Emilie was born! Some people make going from one child to two look easy and a walk in the park.. And for some I'm sure it is but I don't mind telling you, it has taken a bit of adjusting and getting use to. 

I've probably jinxed myself now....

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  1. Awe it is so exciting do Christmas decorating. My niece loves it! :)
    I just stumbled upon your blog! I am now following! I look forward to keeping up!!


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment :) James is still enthralled by the decorations! x


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