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I've been wanting to write this all day but I just haven't had time. In the nine-ish weeks since James started school I've come to realise just how much free time I had before. He was at the stage where he could entertain himself for periods of time and didn't need my constant supervision.. Plus I only had one kid! Now I wonder how could I have always thought that I was so busy. It was nothing compared to my days now. Life now is just crazy but a good crazy. 


This weekend was just what I needed. After nearly two weeks of dealing with an unwell family I decided that a couple of days of relaxing at home were needed. Granted, I was still up before the sun and with two children. I was still cooking and cleaning but life went at a slower pace. I did attack a mountain of ironing, which I am pretty sure that if I left much longer would have grown legs and walked off. 


I realised that I never shared our Halloween photos. Better late than never, right? James decided a few months before that he wanted to be a Vampire. He looked so cute in his costume! I painted his face too but within minutes of it being done he was scratching like mad and telling me that it hurt so I wiped that stuff straight off! 

{Emilie was not thrilled at the idea of getting dressed up}


Some funnies that I have found online recently. 


And lastly.. James comes out with the randomness of things sometimes. He can start talking about one subject and in the space of three minutes have covered about seven other topics without taking a breath or pausing in between. I love our conversations on the way to school in the morning or whilst he's eating dinner. This one happened just before bed time tonight.. He named all ten kids too....

James - "Mum, when I'm grown up, have my own house and am cooking a Roast Chicken, I'm going to phone you and say, "Hi Mum & Dad, I'm cooking chicken, do you want to come?"
Me - "Wow! Do I have to help you cook?"
James - "No, because it's my house. Emilie can come too and also Nath, Harry, Izzy and Grady"
Me - "What about your wife?"
James - "Off course she'll be there. She's going to live there.. And my two kids called Emma and John.. No actually I'm going to have ten kids."
Me - "Does your wife know that you're going to have ten kids?"
Anthony - "James, right here and now I'm going to bet you 5p that you don't end up with ten kids.." 

God, I love that little boy :) 

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