Five On Friday!

1 - Today has been a good day! Not only is it Friday but Emilie has been a little angel all day! Over the past 16 weeks I have become accustomed to having a baby that does nothing but scream.. Today though, she has been happy, happy happy. I hope it lasts!

2 - Tomorrow the girls on my side of the family have a photo shoot booked. I'm in two minds about it. On one hand it's exciting and I hope to get at least one nice photo of me and the kids together but on the other hand, I'm dreading it. I am not photogenic in the slightest, whereas my two sisters couldn't take a bad photo if they tried. The last photo shoot I had with James he was this big.... 

Wow, I've just realised how different I looked! I kind of miss my blonde hair though... 

3 - The weather has turned bitterly cold and I love it! Apparently we can expect snow soon :) Can we say hot chocolate, blankets and cozy nights? 

4 - I stopped knitting about a month before Emilie was born. I was kind of tired of it and getting a bit bored. In a moment of nesting I threw away all of my wool & needles.. Now though, I'm regretting my hasty actions. Not that I really have the time to knit at the moment but it would be nice to have the option. This weekend I'm hoping that I can buy some supplies to get me started again. 

5 - I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with these people.. 

Happy weekend! 

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  1. I'm so glad she is having a good day!!
    I love your hair there too, and you look great!! Not a bad photo at all!

    1. Thank you! The biggest mistake I made was dying my hair black last year.. I keep saying that I'm going to let it grow out and return to my natural colour but then my roots appear and I cave after about three weeks! x

  2. What a beautiful baby :) So glad she was good for you and happy that day :)

    1. Thank you :) Thankfully she has been happy most of the weekend too.. I'm hoping it lasts and isn't just a fluke! x


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