Emilie - Four Months Old.

Four months old! Holy smokes.. 

This month has been testing but also fascinating. (More to come of the fascinating part further down) Emilie had a stomach bug which lasted in total around 9 days. At one point she couldn't keep any milk down at all so for two days she was solely on Dioralyte so we could avoid dehydration but also not irritate her little tummy. It turns out she had Rotovirus, which ironically two weeks before she'd had the vaccination for. This is a new vaccine and after that I wouldn't ever let another baby of mine have that vaccination. 

Emilie is in size three nappies. At her last weight check she was 12lb 10oz and had jumped from the 25th percentile to the 50th, that was a few weeks ago now. She is getting weighed again this coming Thursday. I'm excited to see how much weight she has gained! She is in a mixture of 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothing. 

Eating - Before her Rotovirus vaccination she was taking 4oz of milk every 2.5 - 3 hours. The day she had the vaccine she went completely of her milk but as with all vaccinations I knew that it could make them feel a bit rubbish so I didn't worry too much. For the next two weeks I could barely get 2oz at a time into her. She was still gaining weight though so the health visitor wasn't concerned. Then she got ill and her eating was all up in the air. As soon as she recovered she was back on 4oz, then I noticed she was still hungry so we went to 5oz.. Nope, still hungry.. She is now on 6oz every 2.5 - 3 hours. She takes 5 bottles a day and one at night. 

Sleeping - Finally this month Emilie has started to wake up!! I am so excited about this! It's quite an interesting thing to say that your baby spent her first three and half months of life asleep. She goes to bed between 6 - 6.30pm (I've tried to get her to stay up later but she isn't having any of it and just screams.) Nine times out of ten she will sleep through till anywhere between 4 - 5.30am, she will then have 4oz of milk and go back to sleep till around 7am.. I cannot moan at all about night times! Occasionally we will have two or three wakings but at four months old I think she is doing great. Considering James didn't sleep through the night till he was 4 years old (ironically, the week Emilie was born) I consider myself very lucky. 

During the day, Emilie still loves her sleep but is no longer sleeping the whole day away. She is so easy to get down for a nap but will only stay asleep for around 30-40 minutes.. She wakes up happy but an hour later is tired again! I'm working on trying to get her to sleep for longer stretches so she doesn't need as many naps. Now she is more awake I'm hoping that in the very near future I am going to see a pattern emerging with her day time sleeping. The only pattern so far is that she is ready for her first nap just as it's time to leave to take James to school so she takes that nap in her pram. 

I will admit that I 'Google' things. Actually I Google everything! I was getting slightly worried about Emilie sleeping all the time and that she wasn't meeting the 'three month milestones' The main thing that concerned me was that she wasn't reaching for anything, (toys etc) wasn't batting her toys on her play mat, wouldn't hold onto anything (even fingers). I spent most of her awake time trying to stimulate her. This past week I think we're making progress. I brought her a little high chair seat so that I could put toys and rattles on the tray, her first time in it and she tried holding onto her peacock toy! I was so happy and it definitely feels like we're making progress in that area. 

Emilie loves - Bath time, having her hair washed, singing, Mummy doing airplane, her bottles (finally!), her faces book, being the center of attention, looking in the mirror and nappy-less time - the less clothes she has on the happier she is. Loves loves loves her brother. 

Emilie dislikes - Tummy time, being confined in her pram, sitting still - this girl loves to be jiggled, after 4.30pm - honestly don't even look at her after 4.30pm, she does nothing but scream until her bath & bed time. Also hates having her coat put on. 

On the whole, this month has been amazing. Getting to see my little one awake and interacting more is fantastic. Her little personality is starting to come through. Just this week she has started giggling, especially if I blow raspberries on her. She has the cutest little giggle! She has learnt how to blow raspberries and also happy shrieking. Her periods of constant crying have lessened. Whereas she was crying constantly anytime that she was awake, she is now generally happy until that dreaded 4.30pm.. I could set my watch by it. *Touch wood* - She is definitely improving though. 

Happy four months Peanut! 

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