Deck The Halls.

When James was born back in 2009 I started thinking about Christmas traditions. My Mum had a few that she carried out when my Sisters and I were small, one being that on Christmas morning she made sausage rolls, this one I've carried on and love it :) If you were to walk into my house, not only would you be greeted with piles upon piles of wrapping paper and a mega-excited James, you would also be greeted by a plate of warm sausages rolls and the smell of another batch baking in the oven. 

I've started a few of my own.. A visit to the Christmas Market and Santa at the beginning of December, breakfast all together on Christmas morning before presents and snuggled up watching festive movies on the weekends. Although brand new pj's on Christmas Eve along with hot chocolate and gingerbread men is my favorite. 

Another one that I started for James' first Christmas was to buy him a new bauble every year for the tree. When he's older he can then have them for his own tree, or just for memories sake.. When we put our decorations up at the weekend he went through his baubles and loved hearing about which one was for what year and when I brought it. 

This year I had two baubles to buy! 


James has yet to see his. I've got to go and pick him up from school in an hour but I know that he will be excited and so thankful for such a little thing. Emilie? She wasn't too enthusiastic.. I think she just wanted her bottle :) 

Tomorrow we get to see Santa! I have a very excited four year old! 

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