One Day.

I seem to start every post now with an explanation of why I haven't posted in so long.. I keep meaning to sit down and write and I won't even tell you how many posts I have started and saved in drafts but I think that Emilie has a radar on me and as soon as I go to do anything for myself, it must go off.. That girl is perceptive.

It's 6am and she has just gone back to sleep after a feed so James and I have snuck downstairs for tea and biscuits.. It's Sunday and a treat so I'll let the biscuits in the morning thing slide..

Life is crazy busy.. James is now at school full time and loving it. He has made so many friends and yesterday went to his first birthday party. He was there five minutes before he bumped heads with another boy and now has a shiner of a black eye. It seems like he has grown up overnight and most mornings I am wondering where my little boy went..

I think we've finally figured out the main problem with Emilie.. After trying milk free formula, colic drops and a mountain of other things, it's looking like it's Silent Reflux. We've now got her on a formula for Reflux along with medication and "fingers crossed" it seems to be helping. She is very temperamental, will cry at the slightest thing and scream for hours at a time but she is better than she was. I'll take it after 11 weeks of constant screaming.

On that note, I can't believe that on Tuesday she will be 12 weeks old! We are nowhere near in a routine but because she has been so unsettled since she was born and is still not 100% I don't think we will be anytime soon. I cannot wait until we are though! I like routine and structure so this has been a massive learning curve for me.. I just need to remember that this won't last forever. One day she will be a happy, smiling, contented baby.. One day my house will be clean and my laundry basket won't be over flowing.. One day!

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