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For four days now all that has been in the news is a massive hurricane that was heading our way and due to hit land in the early hours of this morning. The whole southern half of England was put on alert, people were panic buying in the shops and it was a hot topic of conversation. When we went to bed last night I told Anthony that it wouldn't even hit our area and turns out I was correct. We've had heavy rain but that's about it. The very south of England took a battering with 99 miles an hour winds and flooding though. I'm glad that it didn't hit us. Being home alone with the kids in a hurricane is not my idea of a good Monday. 


It seems for the past month that this cold/flu thing has been in our house. Starting a month ago with James and his cold that turned into tonsillitis, then I developed a cold last week which has turned into a chesty cough and yesterday Anthony came down with it. Emilie was up a lot last night coughing and very chesty so I think she may be getting it too.. James is sniffly again this morning too.. Oh the joys of this season.. 


James is on half term from school this week.. I think he's ready for the break after his first 6 weeks at school. He's tired and in need of the break. Off course I'm not too sad about the fact that I don't have to rush around in the mornings for a week :)


I have some updates of Emilie and her doctors appointment last Saturday but I think I'll save that for her three month update on Wednesday.. Can you believe she is nearly three months old! 

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  1. Ethan has been coughing and had a runny nose lately, too! No fun. :(


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