Emilie - Three Months Old.

Here I am again.. Writing another monthly update for Emilie. I'm going to save the whole "I can't believe how quick it's gone" because I think all parents know how quickly time flies when you have little ones :)

Emilie is in size three nappies. Technically she still fits into size two's but they seem a little too snug and I ran out of them about two weeks ago, had some size three's in my stockpile so just started using them. She is still in 0-3 months clothes although some of them are becoming a bit snug too so I think it's time to wash and prep all the 3-6 month clothes in preparation for the switch over. At her last weight check she was 10lb 14oz and following the 25th percentile. 

It's been an interesting month. Emilie's eating is all over the place! I was having problems getting her to take more than 4oz at a time but then a growth spurt hit and for four days she was eating 5oz every three hours. Growth spurt ended and I was having trouble even getting 2oz into her at a time. I started to think that maybe it was the new formula that we were trying.. Turns out my kid is just fussy. I've started warming her bottles up before she eats and doing it this way, I manage to get a little more into her. The past few days she is back to taking 4oz every three hours. I really want her to take more but I can't force it upon her! She is definitely like me in regards to eating.. A snacker... 

Up until the end of last week Emilie was still just as sleepy as she has ever been. Sleeping for up to 21 plus hours a day (but heaven forbid I put her down!) I ended up getting so worked up about the fact that she slept like a one week old baby at 12 weeks old, the fact that when she was awake all she did was cry, and that she seemed to have a problem with her eyes (thankfully that is a developmental thing and should resolve itself!) that my Mum ended up offering to pay for us to see a private pediatrician. She ordered some Metabolic testing to check Emilie's chemical levels to make sure it wasn't an imbalance causing her to sleep all the time. Since that appointment though Emilie has started to wake up a bit more.. (I know! I must be the only Mum worrying that her baby sleeps too much!) It varies from day to day but I think that we may be getting there with regards to her day time sleeping. 

Emilie is amazing at night time. She has her bedtime bottle, then I will lay her down, sometimes she is already asleep but other times she will still be wide awake. If she's still awake she will send herself off to sleep and most nights that is her untill 3 or 4am... I know that as she gets older and more 'awake' that this will change so I'm going to enjoy it whilst it lasts! 

Today I took the kids swimming and it was Emilie's first time. I was hoping that because she loves her baths that she wouldn't freak out on me. She kind of just took it in her stride.. She wasn't all smiles but she wasn't screaming either. Just taking it all in, I guess. 

Emilie loves - Her baths, James and I singing "Peter Rabbit Has A Fly Upon His Nose", her Brother, lying on her changing mat with no nappy on, having her bum patted. 

Emilie hates - Not being jiggled, getting dressed after a bath, being confined in her pram, when her clothes restrict her, after 4pm in the evening. 

Now just for fun.. A comparrison.. One month old and today at three months old. 

Happy Three Months Peanut! 

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