The Sunday Currently.

R E A D I N G Entwined With You by Sylvia Day. Well I'm trying to between taking care of the kids and house. I already read it once when it was released but I love to re-read books. 

W R I T I N G Emilie's baby book. I love filling in the little milestones. I know that I am going to read it back in years to come and smile. 

L I S T E N I N G Complete and utter silence, apart from the sound of me typing. I'm in the bedroom and the baby is asleep in her moses basket next to me. 

T H I N K I N G That I need new kitchen sponges.. Seriously that's what I'm thinking at this very second. 
S M E L L I N G Emilie has just had a bath and has that newborn baby smell that I cannot get enough of. 

HOPING That this coming week is better than last week. Emilie is suffering with a milk and soya intolerance just as James did. The Doctor has changed her formula but it's still not the correct one so she still spends most of her day crying and in obvious pain. I am hoping that they will fix it this week. 
W E A R I N G Jogging bottoms and a hoodie. We've spent the whole day at home today so I didn't need to dress up :)

L O V I  N G My family. 

W A N T I N G Emilie to feel better and James to have a good week at school. He's on his third week now and some days he loves it and other days he doesn't. 

N E E D I N G Some sleep and for the cleaning fairies to come and clean my house for me in the middle of the night! 

F E E L I N G Sleepy and if I'm honest a little bit disheartened. 

C L I C K I N G Through my blog reader. 

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  1. They look so cute together!
    I'm catching up on blog reading but how is James taking to being a big brother?

    1. He's doing really well! The first few weeks were a bit tough, he thought that we didn't want him anymore because we had a 'new' baby but now he adores her! How are you feeling? Not long now and you'll be holding your own little bundle :) x


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