The Sunday Currently.

I'm linking up today with Lauren for The Sunday Currently :) 

R E A D I N G I'm trying to catch up on the blogs on my reading list. I've started doing this on my phone during Emilie's night feeds :) It's a way of making sure I stay awake! 

W R I T I N G Oh how I miss writing. I've managed two blog updates this week which is the most I've done since Emilie was born! Whoever said that adding a second child to the family was easier than having your first was lying. 

L I S T E N I N G James and Emilie have just gone to bed so it's quiet! I can hear the dishwasher in the kitchen and Anthony watching a documentary. 

T H I N K I N G About how nice this weekend has been. We've stayed at home but it was much needed after a busy week. It was lovely to just be here, re-charge and get some jobs done. I am also excited that today is the first day of Autumn! Hello crisp mornings, hats, scarves, and blankets on the sofa!  
S M E L L I N G The dinner that I've just cooked.. Turkey Steaks :) 

W I S H I N G That Emilie's reflux and Colic would disappear. 

H O P I N G That James has a good week at school, that his MMR scan on Wednesday goes well and he doesn't scream the place down and that Emilie starts feeling better. 

W E A R I N G My PJ bottoms and a black tank. 

L O V I  N G My family! 

W A N T I N G To eat this chocolate that is next to me but I am making myself wait until I have finished writing this and am tucked up watching Netflix. 

N E E D I N G This chocolate and sleep! 

F E E L I N G Happy, motivated, blessed. 

C L I C K I N G Some baby-related sites, Amazon and blogs. 

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