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Miscellany Monday.

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In a bid to try and get back into the swing of blogging I'm linking up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday.. If you want to put your jumbled thoughts into words then head on over and link up :)

1 - James started school last Wednesday. For the first four weeks he only goes in for the morning but it feels like I've lost my right arm. It's probably a good thing that I had Emilie when I did! She takes my mind of the fact that my boy is out of the house. He loves it though and everyday he comes home and tells me how many friends he's made. His first steps into the big wide world! 

{He looks so grown up!}

2 -

Emilie is suffering so much with Acid Reflux at the moment and it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. I'm hoping that her new medication kicks in soon and starts to help but last night was awful. There was no sleep for me and a lot of tears from her :(

3 -  I saw this on Instagram last week and it's my new favorite quote.. 

4 -

I might be beyond exhausted but these two make it all worthwhile.. 

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