Emilie - Two Months Old.

When I think about the fact that two months ago today I was in labor, it blows my mind. I can't remember what life without Emilie was like but it feels like I've blinked and missed it!

Emilie is in newborn size two nappies still and wearing 0-3 months clothes although my tiny peanut still fits into a few newborn outfits. She hasn't been weighed for a few weeks so I'm not sure on her weight but the health visitor is coming on Thursday so I'll know then. Apparently they don't like parents to become fixated on how much their babies weigh so they try not to weigh them more than once a month.

She is mostly eating 4oz every three hours. Sometimes she will only take 3.5oz and other times she wants feeding after 2.5 hours. Last week she went through a period of wanting to eat little and often so was eating every 2 hours and taking 2oz at a time. This week she seems to be back to normal though so maybe it was a growth spurt. Just like her big brother was she seems to have an intolerance to dairy and soya so we've had to try lots of different milk. We've been dealing with lots of screaming, stomach aches and explosive diarrhea but today I spoke to the health visitor and requested Neocate Formula which has no dairy or soya at all in it so hopefully that will help. It was the same formula that James ended up on in the end. It's not been a fun month with regards to eating. I was hoping that we could avoid the food allergy problems this time around but apparently not!

Emilie isn't in any kind of routine with regards to naps during the day. She is still a sleepy sleepy sleepy baby! At night I put her to bed at 7pm and she has started to go through till anywhere from 11.30pm to 2pm before she wakes for her first night feed. She is generally waking 2 times a night, occasionally three.

She is now smiling! Because of her problems with the milk she is a grumpy baby but when she does smile it lights up her whole face and is so lovely to see. Hopefully the milk we are getting today will work and my baby will become a happy smiley little girl!

She is still suffering with silent reflux but the pediatrician prescribed Ranitidine and Domperidone which seem to be helping so at least something is going in our favor!

James adores his sister. When she cries he rushes to go and put her dummy in and loves to sit on the sofa and hold her. I think it's safe to say that we have passed the jealously stage, for now anyways.

Happy two months Peanut!

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