This week I discovered what it's like to have two children and have one of them unwell. Last weekend James came down with what I thought was just a cold. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he still wanted to go to school and seemed okay in himself. Wednesday afternoon he developed a temperature and despite giving him Calpol, it still climbed up until it was 40 degrees (104) He ended up in the hospital where we found out that the poor thing had Tonsillitis. 

Yesterday I was able to control his temperature with medication but as soon as it wore off his temperature climbed up again. This morning though he seems a lot better which I am so grateful for! It was tough trying to look after him whilst dealing with a high needs baby. 

Speaking of Miss Emilie.. It's a good job she is cute! The constant all-day screaming is getting a bit hard to take. She is on medication for Reflux and I also give her colic drops but nothing seems to help so yesterday I decided to try her on Soya Formula. James had an intolerance to milk and I think she might be the same. This morning she is still un-settled but seems to be a little better so I am hoping that the formula might be the answer to my prayers. Watch this space... 

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