1, 2, 3 Changes.

I've been neglecting my little space here. I was hoping that by planning to take part in the Blogtember Challenge that it would help get me back into the routine of blogging but trying to find the time to sit down and write is just not happening at the moment. The days are filled with children and household chores and by the time both kids are in bed this Mama is so exhausted I can just about muster the energy to plonk myself down on the sofa, or more often or not, the bed and that's me.. Well, until 4 hours later when Emilie wakes for the first of her three night feeds. I honestly don't think that I've ever been this exhausted! 

Off course being exhausted and not having any time to myself is totally worth it.. It just means that I am having to re-arrange my priorities. When I just had James I had gotten use to him being able to entertain himself for short periods at a time. I had gotten use to being able to leave him downstairs whilst I showered, I had gotten use to sleep! Now though, I've remembered just how demanding the baby stage is! My showers are now about three minutes long, I forget to eat and only realise that I haven't had a drink all day when my throat feels like sandpaper. Emilie is still the worlds sleepiest baby but hates being put down so she spends most of the day in my arms, plus she is suffering with Colic so when I say that she is either asleep or screaming, I'm not exaggerating. I always thought that James with his severe Acid Reflux until he was 15 months old was a tough baby to deal with but Miss Emilie has him beat, hands down. 

Yesterday she rewarded me with a smile and her first proper 'coo'. That totally made my day and happened when I needed it most. 

Also yesterday the second of our three big changes happened. (The first being Emilie's arrival!) Anthony started his new job :) I am pleased to report that he had a fantastic day. When he arrived back home my first question was, "How was it?" I will replace one word in his response with absolutely but please note that the real word starts with a F and ends with a G.. "Absolutely awesome"

Our third big change happens next Wednesday.. James starts school.. He is excited. I am nervous. His school uniform his ready, new shoes have been purchased and his lunch box chosen.. My first baby is growing up and it's scary! 

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