Update On Emilie..

I keep meaning to sit down and write but I can never seem to find the time. Emilie is three weeks old and it has flown by. I feel like one minute I was in labour and then I blinked and here we are. 

It's been a testing few weeks which started of when she was a week old and spent two nights in hospital. She was sleeping literally 23 hours a day and for the one hour that she was awake we had to work really hard at actually keeping her awake. As soon as you stopped engaging her she was out for the count. Now most people would think this was fantastic and to begin with I figured that she was a newborn and just sleepy. It wasn't affecting her night time sleep so I didn't let it concern me too much.. Until she was a week old and I couldn't wake her for her feeds. I tried everything. I got her undressed, I took her nappy off, I talked to her, I wiped her face with cool cotton wool.. When it got to the stage that not even my Sister (She's a Maternity Support Worker) could wake her, I decided enough was enough and called the midwife out.. She in turn called the hospital who told me to bring her straight in. They ran lots of tests and couldn't find any infections or any reason which would cause her to sleep all the time and not wake up for feeds. We were in for two days and then released. They ended up putting it down to the fact that she was born at 37 weeks so she was doing what she would be doing in the womb. They assured me that at two weeks old she would 'wake up' 

We got to two weeks and she was still just as sleepy but all the doctors and midwifes assured me that it was okay and to just give her time. 

Over the past week she has started to have awake periods but they are very sporadic and don't last for very long. Sometimes she can only last fifteen minutes before she is asleep again for six hours, with me having to feed her in between which, surprise surprise she will sleep through. Yesterday she fell asleep at 10am and that was her asleep for the rest of the day. I fed her every three hours where she would kind of stir and maybe open one eye before falling back to sleep. 

Last night I decided to try implementing a routine. I know that trying to get a three week old into one is going to be hit and miss and I'm not going to be too regimented about it but when James was a baby I used the Gina Ford Contented Baby Book and he thrived on that routine. He is the type of kid that needs structure and needs to know what is coming next. 

The Health Visitor came round this morning and I was desperately trying to keep Emilie awake for thirty minutes so I could then put her down for a midday nap.. I thought she was going to tell me that I was mad for trying to get a three week old baby into a routine but she said that I was doing the right thing she also said that if at 6 weeks old Emilie is still like this then she would get the doctors to look into it further. 

I can tell you though that as a Mum, there is nothing worse than wanting someone to listen to you and tell you that you are not going crazy. I must have been the only person in the hospital that day, crying and telling doctors that my baby sleeps too much. It got to the stage though that if one more person told me she was 'just a sleepy baby' then I was going to scream. Yes, babies are sleepy. No, they do not sleep for 23 hours a day and only wake up for that one hour because you are in their face and not letting them sleep. No, babies don't sleep through every feed. It feels very lonely to be so worried about your baby and no one else seems bothered....

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