The Sunday Currently.

R E A D I N G - Ha! Reading.. I have three new books that Anthony brought for me last week and so far I have only managed two pages of one.. Even when the baby is sleeping there is always something that I need to be doing. Cooking, cleaning, spending time one on one with James. The list is never ending. 

W R I T I N G - I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging at least a few times a week. Gone are the days where I'm posting every single day. For now I'd just be happy with three times a week. 

L I S T E N I N G - To Emilie falling asleep. I've just fed her and laid her down. She's not having any of it though. Some rocking may be in order. 

T H I N K I N G - About how tired I am but also how very lucky I am. I know some women that are desperate to feel the tiredness of having a newborn. 

S M E L L I N G - The sausages and mash that I cooked for tea.

W I S H I N G - That Emilie will soon start spending more time awake during the day. Her constant sleeping is now starting to affect her night time sleeping but trying to keep her awake during the day for any length of time is near on impossible. 

W E A R I N G - A pair of Jeans that my Mum dropped off for me. I'm struggling to find clothes that fit me at the moment. 

L O V I  N G - My two babies. 

W A N T I N G - Sleep. Sleep and more sleep! 

N E E D I N G - Sleep. Sleep and more sleep! 

F E E L I N G - Tired, grateful and inspired. 

C L I C K I N G - Trying to catch up on blogs. I miss being able to read consistently 

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