Five Years Later.

Five years ago today I woke up excited. It was my twenty-third birthday and the day that I would marry my best friend. 

I had my hair done, my Mum done my make-up and my Sister helped me into my dress. I walked down the stairs to camera flashes, a happy bride. 

I refused to leave the house until the best-man rang me to let me know that Anthony had arrived at the Church. 

I rode to the Church with my Dad and Sister, all the while in disbelief that the day had finally arrived. I was going to become Anthony's wife. 

I stood nervously outside of the church. My Sister behind me arranging my dress. I could see Anthony at the front of the church and all my worries about whether the day would go according to plan disappeared in an instant. It didn't matter to me anymore whether the food arrived on time or whether the flowers in the church complimented my bouquet. All that mattered was that Anthony and I were going to get married. 

It was one of the best days of my life. 

And now here we are.. Five years later, two house moves, two years of living in London, Anthony leaving the Army and two beautiful babies.. 

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