Emilie Victoria Elsie

Nearly two weeks ago I wrote my 37 week update for Emilie and then went MIA. If you're on my Facebook or Instagram then you'll know why. Later that same day I started having contractions. Nothing major, they started off as Braxton Hicks. By the next morning they were still there but not really any stronger.. I will do a full birth story later but long story short, at 11.40pm on Tuesday July 30th at home on my living Room sofa Emilie Victoria Elsie was born!

It's been 11 days and we've had feeding issues, weight loss (her not me!) and also sleeping issues (she's sleeping around 23 hours a day which may sound great but resulted in us having to spend two nights in hospital) but she is amazing! I am so in love with her and my new little family. 

Like I said. I'll write more later but here are a few photos off my phone :) 

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  1. Congratulations!! She's a cutie :) Hope things get better with the feeding issues.


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