Emilie - One Month Old.

This sounds so cliche but how can I be writing about Emilie's first month already? Wasn't I just posting my 37 week pregnancy update? 

Emilie weighs 7lb 13oz and is in size 1 nappies. Her clothes are mostly newborn, although a few times I've thrown in a 0-3 month outfit, even though they are slightly too big. 

Eating - After her sudden weight lost and the problems with breast feeding and then some problems with expressing she is solely on formula. She eats every 2.5-3 hours and was taking around 3oz, these past two days though I've been making 4oz bottles up as it seemed like she was still hungry after she had finished eating. She doesn't always finish a 4oz bottle but at least it is there if she wants it.. Generally she is now eating around 3.5oz at a time. At night she still eats every 3 hours, occasionally she will have one 4 hour stretch at night but that is few and far between so I appreciate it when it does happen! 

Sleeping - Ha! My little narcoleptic! I still have what must be the worlds sleepiest baby. She is normally awake for one to two hours in the morning and will then sleep for 6-8 hours, with me having to wake her for a feed somewhere in that time. She will stir and half wake up, but by the end of the feed is asleep again. The past three days she has also been waking up for an hour around 4pm before falling asleep again until I try and wake her to get her ready for bed. I can tell that this little one is going to be so difficult to get into a routine which makes my type A personality sweat a little. To try and help Emilie start to "Wake Up" a little more I make sure she is awake and having her first feed by 7am and bedtime is 7pm. 

We saw the Health Visitor the other day and she assured me that my sleeping baby is completely normal and there is no need for concern but she also said that if she is still like it at our 6 week check then she will get the doctor to look into it some more and see if there is something underlying. 

Likes - Sleeping! Being held, sleeping on my chest, her dummy, her Emily Lamaze doll, loves loves loves her baths. 

Dislikes - Being put down, her bouncy chair, having her hair washed, tummy time. 

I've spent most of this month worrying about Emilie's sleeping habits and trying to get her to gain weight. Overall though, it's been great! It honestly feels like she has always been here. James has finally came around to the fact that she is here forever and keeps telling me how much he loves her. 

Next week I am going to have to buy a Sling. This girl hates being put down, even when she is asleep. I find it hard to do anything around the house because of only having one arm free! 

Happy one month Peanut! 

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