Weekend Randoms.

This past week I've neglected my little space here. Not intentionally but it's been so HOT! Uncomfortably hot. I've either been outside hiding in the shade or inside hiding in the living room which appears to be the coolest room in the house. Right now it's 8pm and still 28 degrees (82 degrees Fahrenheit.) I'm pretty much a sweaty, pregnant mess.. 

That didn't stop me cooking my first BBQ today though.. 

 {See.. I told you.. A hot sweaty mess..}

This weather is doing wonders for my plants though.. Proven by how much my Sunflower has grown in the past week.. 

{I cannot wait until it flowers..}

A few months ago, I stopped knitting. I was getting bored with it and was leaving projects half finished and starting new ones.. This past week though I have re-discovered my love for it. Maybe all I needed was a time out, whatever it was, I'm glad I've started again.. 

And this one?

By the end of today he was tired, had dirty feet and sticky hands.. A successful day in my eyes! 

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