The Sunday Currently {2}

Reading - I've just finished reading Danielle Steel's, Betrayal. It was amazing. I have yet to find one of her books that I haven't enjoyed but it's been a while since I picked a book of her's up. James chose this one for me the other week and I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished it in 2 days. 
Listening - James playing in the Living Room with a friend and Anthony on the phone to Sky. 
Smelling - Cleaning products and fresh air from the open windows. 
Loving - how kids interact with each other. Listening to James talking away to his friend makes me smile. 
Thinking - What a busy week I have coming up. Lots of medical appointments for James and one for me. I'm hoping that Emilie stays put for this week. I don't have time to schedule labor into my diary! 
Needing - The pain in one of my right ribs to go away. It appeared this morning and will not budge. It's quite high up so I don't think it's the baby, or maybe she's is just squishing everything up inside there. 
Wanting - James' appointments to go well. 
Wishing - That he didn't have to undergo all these tests but knowing that it is for the best. 
Missing - Being able to walk without getting out of breath and sleeping on my stomach! 
Hoping - That the rain that is threatening to make an appearance stays away today. I have a lot of washing that I need to get dry. 
Feeling - Achy, tired and happy. 
Wearing - Jeans and a tank top. 
Writing - I failed at writing this week apart from my blog. I just don't seem to have two minutes to sit down to think and put pen to paper. 
Clicking - This week I found an awesome new blog to follow through Instagram so I've been reading back through that. Also been clicking through a lot of home birthing websites, trying to get as much information as possible. 

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  1. it's raining here today & i love it. it's been SO hot!


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