The Sunday Currently {1}

Today I found a new link up to participate in. It's called "The Sunday Currently" and I'm excited to start taking part every week. If you want to check it out and maybe take part then head over to Lauren's Blog.

Reading "The Stranger I Married" By Sylvia Day. I had a hair disaster on Friday which resulted in me in tears and Anthony & James rushing out to the shops to buy me some hair dye. Whilst there, James informed his Dad that they needed to cheer me up and he wanted to buy me a book. He knows what authors I like and chose the book. My four year old chose well :)
Listening to Anthony & James watching a film, I have no idea what it's called but there is a weird alien looking creature in it.. Also I can hear kids playing in the Street. 
Smelling the hard boiled eggs that I just prepared to go with the salad for dinner and also the flowers James brought me this weekend. 
Loving the weather. The windows are wide open, the sun is shining.. What more could a girl want?
Thinking about how much my right eye hurts. I think it might be infected so a trip to the doctors is probably on the cards for tomorrow. 
Needing to go and sit in a cold bath. I may be loving the weather but it makes for a very hot pregnant woman. 
Wanting the next few weeks to go smoothly. We have lots of hospital appointments for James and off course Emilie could make her appearance any time now. 
Wishing that my boy didn't have to undergo the tests that will be happening on Tuesday. Please keep your fingers crossed for my little one. 
Missing coffee and energy drinks. 
Hoping that all these upcoming appointments go well. That the warm summer continues. That my eye problem turns out to just be something like a simple infection that is cured with eye drops. 
Feeling tired, anxious and hopeful all at the same time. 
Wearing a sun dress
Writing not enough. I plan to change that this week.. Hopefully. 
Clicking through the few new blogs that I have stumbled across. 

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  1. Oh man I haven't had an energy drink in months. Now I want one. It has been so hot here the past few weeks. I hope your enjoying your Sunday!


  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for little man :)


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