Schools Out For Summer!

We've had torrential rain on and off since last night with thunder and lighting.. The rain has been lovely and well needed, after the hottest day of the year yesterday.. I would like to say that it has helped clear the air and lower the temperatures, and whilst the temps are a little lower, it is now that muggy sticky heat that isn't much better! Maybe I'm feeling it more than I normally would be being nine months pregnant.. 

Schools all across England finished for Summer today. James hasn't been at Nursery for about two weeks due to all his hospital appointments but today I let him go in for the last day. It was bittersweet. Watching my boy walk in the door all confident when just ten months ago he would cling onto me and cry when I went to leave.. This morning he ran off without saying goodbye and went straight to seek out his friends. It's been so great to watch him grow this year though. To watch him go from a toddler to a boy. 

Left - First day of Nursery, Sept 2012. Right - Last day of Nursery, July 2013

I am so excited for the next couple of weeks though. To spend some time with him before his sister arrives. To wake up slowly in the morning and linger over breakfast. To play with him and watch him run in the garden. To snuggle up with him in bed at night and watch him sleep. I know that in just a few short weeks I am going to have to split my time between him and Emilie.. I want to savoir the last moments of him being an only child. 

Talking of babies.. England welcomed a new Prince yesterday! 

And about thirty minutes ago his parents presented him to the world. I have been glued to Sky News all afternoon waiting for the moment that they would come out of those doors. I make no apologies for being excited about this event! 

This week is full. I don't think I've ever had a week this busy so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a certain baby doesn't decide to put in an early appearance. Once Saturday comes (officially 37 weeks and full term!) she will be more than welcome to make her presence known!

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  1. I was watching for news of the Royal Baby too!! They look so happy and I'm so happy for them.

    1. My husband thought I was crazy for being glued to the TV all afternoon but as I explained to him, It's history in the making! :) I think he just thinks that I have babies on the brain at the moment! x


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