Miscellany Monday.

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1 - It's another scorcher of a day here. I'm trying really hard not to let the heat get to me but I'm not going to lie.. It's tough! I feel like I'm constantly sticky and sweaty which is not an attractive look. I just need to remember that it's only for a few more weeks and then I will be holding my daughter in my arms. 

2 - We've moved the Gazebo onto the patio to try and keep it shaded as much as possible for James. He hates the fact that he cannot go out in the sun as much as he wants too so this is a compromise of sorts and is saving my sanity.. He still gets to go outside and I don't have to keep moaning at him for being in the sun. 

3 - I packed my hospital bag this afternoon. I'm hoping that my home birth will all go according to plan and that I won't need it but at least if I do, it's ready. It's hard packing clothes for someone you have yet to meet. Some of the newborn stuff goes up to 7lb's, some 9lbs and some 11lbs.. I was sat there holding some of each and having an internal battle in my head.. "Do I take the clothes up to 7lb? But then what if she is 8lb when she is born? They won't fit her... But then if I take the clothes up to 11lb and she is 7lb when she is born, everything will be too big and drown her.." Yes people, I am crazy and these are the thoughts that go through my mind when doing something as simple as packing a hospital bag. 

These three baby grows had to make the cut.. They were too cute not to.

4 - Talking of Miss Emilie.. Saturday night I was lying on the sofa with the remote resting on my stomach and she was kicking it away. I like to think that she is going to be a ballerina :)

5 - I do believe that my brain has finally turned to mush. I have somehow managed to loose all of the paperwork for James starting school in September. I filled it out last month and can remember putting it in my bedroom but can I find it now? I think it's grown legs and walked away. I've emailed the school asking for another set but I can imagine them in the office laughing at the Mum that can't keep it all together.

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Happy Monday! 

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  1. I think little miss would def. rock a tutu good if she was a ballerina.

    1. I think I might put her in a tutu anyway.. It can't hurt right?!

      Congrats on your news! How are you feeling? x


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