I'm going to be honest and admit that today I have been in a grump. Not a little one either. Forget what I said on Monday about trying not to let the heat get to me.. I failed. For the past two days, it got me.. Hook, line and sinker. I am hot, tired, sweaty and miserable. The only thing that is stopping me from going completely mad is knowing that in just nine days I will be full term and technically Emilie could be here anytime after that. The thought of having to wait until my due date is too much for me to handle!

I figured today that seen as I was feeling down and that this would probably be the last chance I would get for a while, that I would get a haircut.. My hair looks good now and will be a lot easier to handle with a newborn and four year old running around but it didn't do anything to improve my mood.

I tried a cool bath.. It worked whilst I was in there but as soon as I got out, I was a sweaty mess again..

At least I tried, right?

And I will leave you with some photos of James that I took this evening. The biggest issue with him not being able to go out in the sun is that by the end of the day he has so much pent up energy.. So seen as our garden is well shaded by 7pm I took him out and let him run wild.. He decided to use his energy to jump of the garden table.. I'm not too sure that my nerves were up for that but I guess that's what boys do?

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