Emilie - Week Thirty Four.

Today is - Monday July 8th, 2013

How far along - 34 weeks - 3 more weeks until she is full term!

Baby is - A girl! 

Total weight gain - My scales are a bit hit and miss.. I weighed myself 2 days ago and according to them I have gained 35lb in total.

Baby is the size of - A Canteloupe 

Whats going on with baby - Emilie's immune system is getting ready for life outside :) Her skeletal structure is continuing to harden.

What going on with Mummy - I am now at the stage where I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever. These last few weeks are dragging!

Maternity clothing - No change there. The past few days I have lived in sun dresses thanks to our heat wave.. They are so much more comfortable than jeans. 

Sleep - Last night I had the best nights sleep ever. I don't even remember getting into bed. My head was asleep before it hit the pillow and I slept straight through! The past week though has been very hit and miss with sleep. I've had lots of restless nights. 

Movement - Emilie is lying back to back so all her limbs are on top. I pretty much always have an elbow and a knee poking out. She is wriggling lots. 

Food Cravings/Aversions - I've pretty much come to accept that my appetite is here one minute and gone the next. Still craving those carbs which pretty much explains my 35lb weight gain!

Symptoms -

  • Tiredness. 
  • Achiness
  • Nausea - Mostly in the late afternoons. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - I don't remember it dragging as much as this with James! 

Best moments this week -
  • Ordering the last 'big' baby item that we need. The cot mattress.
  • Discussing home birth preparations with my midwife and scheduling my home visit for her to drop all her equipment off ready for the big day! 

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