Emilie - Thirty Three Weeks.

Firstly, yes, you are not reading that title wrong. We have decided...  Well, actually I decided to go with the 'ie' way of spelling Emilie. I like that it's a little different but not too 'out there.' Anthony prefers the traditional spelling but as I told him last night, I think I get the majority vote because I am carrying her :)


Today is - Monday July 1st, 2013

How far along - 33 Weeks - 4 more weeks until Emilie is full term!

Baby is - A girl! 

Total weight gain - I'm not really sure. At my last appointment I had gained 28lbs but I haven't been weighed since then. I know that I have gained some but how much is anyone's guess.

Baby is the size of - A Pineapple.. 

Whats going on with baby - Emilie's skin is now turning from red to pink as she accumulates more body fat. She can now listen, feel and see, all whilst still in the womb. It fascinates me!

What going on with Mummy - My blood volume has now increased by 50% since the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm getting breathless a lot and the nerve pain in my left leg is pretty much a constant now. 

Maternity clothing - No change there. 

Sleep - Last week I acquired a maternity pillow and how I ever slept without one is beyond me! They are A-MAZ-ING. Sleep is a bit up and down at the moment due to having James in bed with us but we're making it work and if I have a bad night then Anthony is pretty good about me having an afternoon nap :)

Movement - This little one prefers the right side of my stomach and is rolling from left to right constantly! She is lying head down but according to my midwife she is back to back, meaning all her limbs are on top. Today for instance I've had a knee or elbow constantly in my side! 

Food Cravings/Aversions - My appetite came back yesterday thank god but who knows how long it will stick around.. I am still craving carbs. Honestly it's all I want.. Bread, crisps, chips..

Symptoms -

  • Tiredness. 
  • Achiness
  • Nausea - Mostly in the late afternoons. 
  • Heartburn - This is on & off too but when I have it, boy is it bad!

How is this pregnancy different from the first - More tired and the nerve pain in my leg had gone by this point with James. 

Best moments this week -
  • Feeling good for the first time in what felt like forever! 
  • Realizing today that Emilie will be full term this month!!!! 

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