Emilie - Thirty Five Weeks.

Today is - Tuesday July 16th, 2013

How far along - 35 weeks                                

Baby is - A girl! 

Total weight gain - I'm not being weighed until my appointment on Thursday so until then I have no idea!

Baby is the size of - A honeydew melon

Whats going on with baby - All of her organs are now fully developed and ready to go. She is basically now just putting on weight.

What going on with Mummy - It still feels like August will never get here. I'm feeling good though and am managing to cope with the heatwave. 

Maternity clothing - Thank goodness for the sun! It means that for the past two weeks I have been able to live in dresses which are so much more comfortable than squeezing myself into jeans. 

Sleep - I do not know why everyone, whether pregnant or not, doesn't sleep with a maternity pillow. I think they are the best invention ever! Sleep is good at the moment. I've been woken a few nights this week with contractions and a toilet trip here or there but nothing too bad. 

Movement - Emilie is still lying back to back so I get lots of wriggles instead of kicks and punches. She doesn't like any pressure on my stomach. She tries to move away from it which is cute to watch. 

Food Cravings/Aversions - Appetite is still hit and miss. I've been eating a lot of ice cream in the heat. I have never been one to eat when it's too hot so most days I'm having to try and force myself to at least have something little. My cravings for cheese and onion crisps has disappeared.

Symptoms -

  • Achiness
  • Braxton Hicks. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - I think I was more tired at this stage with James. Most afternoon's I would have a nap but this time around I probably nap once a week. 

Best moments this week -

  • Packing my 'just in case' hospital bag.. Keeping my fingers crossed that my home birth goes according to plan. 

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