A Morning At School.

This morning, James had his induction morning at his School that he will be starting at in September. He was so excited before we left, talking about how he was going to meet his teacher and make lots of friends. As soon as we got to the school though his shyness kicked in and he was like a different child. 

The parents could either stay with their children or get them settled and then go to the Hall where they had cups of coffee waiting. I knew that if I left James straight away then there would be tears. He takes a while to warm up to new things. Whether that be a new person, a new place or even a new food. There is no point in pushing him, he'll do it in his own time. I sat with him whilst he coloured, I stood with him whilst he played with the sand table. I hoovered in the back ground whilst he played a game on the computer with his new teacher. After about twenty minutes I knew that he didn't need me there anymore. I could tell that his confidence was coming through and that if I hovered any longer then I'd be holding him back so I snuck off to the hall and waited. 

A while later we were told that we could go and collect our children. We all filed through and as I walked into James' classroom he took one look at me and started crying.. 

"I don't want to leave. I'll never get to come back.."

I'd say that he enjoyed it based on his response to me collecting him.

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