I am constantly fascinated, and a little bit in awe, at how kids can pick up a phone, laptop or game controller and within minutes they know how to work it. Their brains are like little sponges and they seem to learn things a lot quicker than adults do. 

That being said. It also scares me how well James can use my iPhone and Laptop. Just the other day he asked me if he could play games on my laptop. I told him that he could and just as I was about to log on for him and get him set up on the Nick Jr website, he typed the password in, opened Google Chrome, put the website address in and selected his game that he wanted to play. 

That story makes it sound like all my kid does is sit on the computer all day staring at a screen and playing games which I can assure you isn't true but it made me think. How much time is okay for him to sit there playing, entertaining himself whilst I get some much needed jobs done?

I realised that since I've been pregnant he probably does spend more time playing those electronic games than he used to. So yesterday I made a conscious decision to stop the "Electronic Time" He was limited to 15 minutes on my iPhone playing his Jelly Car game. Instead I left the jobs that I really needed to get done and got down on the floor with him. We played Funny Faces, Pairs and Snap. We laughed and talked. It felt good to make him put the phone down. 

I'm by no means saying that I am going to ban him from playing all games on the phone and laptop. Every Mum knows that there are going to be those jobs that you have to get done and dinner needs to be cooked and if James entertaining himself for a few minutes helps me get that meal on the table then so be it. 

This whole thought process made me think about how much James sees me on the computer or checking Facebook & Twitter on my phone. Kids learn by example and I really need to start thinking about what kind of an example I am setting for my son. If all he see's is me constantly with my phone in my hand then he starts to think that is the norm and I don't want that. So my new challenge to myself is to step away from the laptop and leave my phone alone.. I'm sure the world of Facebook won't fall apart if I'm not checking my news feed every fifteen minutes, right? 

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