Tis The Season To Be Fruity.

Our back garden has been a work in progress for the past three years. It seems though that for every one job that we get done, it creates another five jobs and it's one step forward two steps back. 

The first two years, it was Operation De-Bramble. I have never seen as many brambles in my life and as soon as they were cut down, they grew back at a rapid speed. Last year we had a digger come in and completely gut the garden which mostly got rid of our bramble problem. 

Then we had the longest winter in history and with frozen ground and lots of rain creating what can only be described as a mud bath, the garden got put on hold.... 

Until yesterday.. 

We attacked the jungle. It took hours but Anthony ploughed on with the lawn mower and now we can see the ground again. It looks like "Project Garden" is back on and I couldn't be happier. I plan to potter in the garden with James and get jobs done as a when my pregnancy allows. 

Look what we found yesterday though... Fruit! 





And this one was just happy that he could play on the grass again and is not restricted to the patio anymore.. 

Summer makes me happy :)

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