Random Tuesday.

Seen as I missed Miscellany Monday yesterday due to "Emily's Thirty Two Week Update" I figured I'd do a Random Tuesday :)

Before my Sister left her job to have her daughter, she was an MSW.. A Maternity Support Worker, working mostly with Mum's and their new born babies, however she did see pregnant women and learnt to be able to tell the babies position. Yesterday I told her that I had a feeling that Emily was lying transverse and after a bit of poking & prodding from Aimee, she declared that she thought I was correct.. 

This would explain why I have yet to feel any feet in my ribs and why I'm feeling lots of movement at the sides of my bump. She still has lots of time to turn :)


I love this one.. Need I say more?


I have so much stuff going on that I feel like my brain, which is already suffering from 'Baby Brain', is turning to mush. Lots of hospital visits, doctors appointments, school stuff for James, loose ends that need tying up before Emily makes her appearance. Sometimes I just sit there and wonder where to start.. I know that I'll get there in the end but I am a planner and organised person and I don't like it when things are left un-finished and up in the air. It sets me on edge. 

Maybe this is a good life lesson in the fact that I can't control everything? :)

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