Maternity Photos.

This is my first post since Monday. It's normally un-heard of for me to go more than a day without writing something. It wasn't a planned break, I guess the third trimester tiredness has caught up with me and that coupled with this cold/cough that I've had, hasn't made for a very good week. This post has been sat half written in my drafts since Wednesday. I'm here now though, sat waiting for my food shopping to be delivered so I figured I'd try and get back into the swing of things :)

I've been thinking a lot lately about Maternity photos. I didn't have them done when I was pregnant with James and I regret it. We moved to London right in the middle of my pregnancy though and Anthony was so busy with work and before we knew it James was in our arms. This time though I really want to have some done.

I've been looking through Google images trying to get some inspiration of things that I like.. There really are some gorgeous photos out there and some really fun ideas!

I think every woman has seen the photo below.. So many celebrities have done this.. Demi Moore started it and since then Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Tia Mowry have jumped on the bandwagon.. I love it though and think that it's a beautiful image. Not one that I would personally share with anyone but my husband and definitely not on the internet but I would love to have it done! 

Now I just need to find a photographer! 

Happy weekend! 

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