Fab Friday.

Yesterday, I learnt that this will be the last Fab Friday that Laura is hosting. This makes me sad :( I love this link up! Sometimes after a bad week it's good to be forced to look for the little bits of joy that were tucked away in the rare moments. The same goes for after a great week. I get to sit down and remember all the smiles and laughter. This is the one link up that I participate in regularly and I'm going to miss it but whilst I'm here I want to thank Laura for taking the time and hosting Fab Friday! 

What's been fab this week?

1 - The weather has been weird all week.
Waking up to grey and cloudy skies but by 2pm the sun is shining brightly.. 
What's that all about?
I'm not going to moan about the sun though! Its a welcomed change after our long long long long winter. 

2 - I have a feeling Emily is making up for last week!
She has spent the past 5 days kicking up a storm and moving like crazy!
Such a welcomed change after the week before. 

3 - Yesterday I was craving cookies but I didn't have any in the house. 
40 minutes later I had whipped up these babies. 

Ginger Cookies and yes, they tasted AMAZING! 

4 - Yesterday was my Nan's 78th birthday! 
My Sister and I went with James and Eva to see her and have lunch all together. 
I still think of my Nan as being 50! 
Oh and I got cuddle upon cuddle with my 11 week old niece.. It doesn't get much better than that! 

And there you have it.. My last Fab Friday.. :( 

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