Being A Mum...

Being a Mum is honestly the best job in the world. 

I've always wanted to be a Mum. 
I had lots of jobs in between leaving School and getting married but none compare to the job I have now.. 

Sure, there is no pay at the end of the month, 
the hours are kind of sucky
and the fact that I don't get holidays and weekends off could be considered a downer.. 

Instead though, I get paid in cuddles. 

I get to hold the hand of a little boy as we walk down the street. 

I get arms wrapped around my neck and an "I love you" in my ear. 

I get to kiss boo boo's better 
& to sing lullaby's and he doesn't care that I can't carry a tune. 

I get to serve a Jam sandwich for lunch and have him declare it the "best meal ever"

I get to watch his eyes widen in amazement when he discovers something new 
& to answer questions such as, "Is the Moon made of cheese?"

Some mornings I get to watch Peppa Pig before the sun has risen, with him on my lap, just because he wants "Mummy snuggles"

I get to watch him dance around the living room to PSY Gangham Style and then go all shy and stop as soon as someone else walks in the room. 

I get to wake up in the morning and hear him talking to himself in his bedroom, reading his books aloud and reciting the alphabet. 

I get to ask him at night, "How much does Mummy love you?"
& listen to him reply.. "Up to the moon, back down again and a million times over"

And that is why this is the best job ever.. 

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