What School Didn't Teach Me.

What didn't school teach me? That is the prompt for today's Blog Everyday In May Challenge. (Can you believe we're on Day 22 already!) I wasn't a fan of school. I was bullied for most of it and at the earliest opportunity, I left. I didn't go on to College or University, I went straight into the workforce. Since leaving school I've learnt a few things.. 

Knowledge Doesn't Buy Life Experience.

No matter what you studied, how smart you are or what grades you got in your final exams no amount of learning will buy you that life experience that you can only get by getting out there in the real world and living your life. 

Becoming A Parent Will Change Your Life.

When I was expecting James I had images of rocking my newborn to sleep, placing him gently into his cot and then him sleeping for hours. I imagined him being the best behaved toddler in the world.. He wouldn't have tantrums and I would never have to raise my voice... Yeah, reality hit me in the face with those first newborn cries! At school in our Personal Education lessons we were told how hard being a parent was and that it was a good idea to wait until you were older and settled down and whilst all that is true.. Nothing... and I mean nothing.. will prepare you for becoming a parent until you are thrown into the thick of those midnight feedings, tantrum throwing, dirty nappies days. 

Friends Sometimes Come And Go. 

I know that when I was at School I pretty much stuck with the same group of friends the whole way through.. We would talk about what would happen after our schooling and how we would always be friends. Now it's been 12 years since I left School.. Most of those friends I haven't seen or spoken to since about two years after we left. Real life got in the way. We got married, moved away, got jobs, had kids and somehow we lost contact. That thought makes me sad but it also makes me realise how naive we are as kids. We think that nothing will ever change and that we will be the same people ten years down the road. I am a completely different person to the girl I was when I first walked out of those school gates holding my GCSE results and venturing into the big wide world. I've grown up and changed and so have they. It's not a bad thing.. It just happens. 

So there's just three things I've picked up along the way! 


  1. So true for the first and the third! Sadly, I'm not at the parenting stage in my life yet, but I am SO ready! Following you now!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment and for following! x

  2. So right! That's what I always tell my students now, that sometimes friendships fade away.

  3. So right on the life experience. I had this convo I know with someone I know who is a marriage consulant but never been married. Things that make you go hmm

  4. Friendships def. come and go, wish I knew that in high school

    1. There are so many things I wish I had known in school! It would've made me cherish my childhood a little more :)


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