My Apologies.

Today's prompt in the Blog Everyday In May challenge was to issue a public apology. Apparently we could make it as funny or as serious as we like. As I sit here typing this I'm still not sure which way I'm going to go with this so bear with me! 

Dear James, 

I'm sorry that Mummy has been such a bore lately. I can assure you that as soon as I have had your baby sister I will be able to move quicker than the current Turtle's pace that I am currently moving at. I do want to run around the garden and play football with you but right now I don't think my hips would take it. I might only be 27 years old but my body believes me to be 87 at the moment. 

Lots of love
Mummy x 

Dear Anthony,

I am sorry that I've spent all day chewing your ear off regarding options for my birthing plan. I'm pretty sure that's not the most romantic thing to do to your husband. Then to top it off I was gushing at baby clothes and showing them to you every five seconds. It's just that they're so cute and in just three months time there will be a little person in them and that just totally blows my mind.. There I go again.. Sorry I have baby brain.. 

Lots of love
Your wife x 

Dear Heartburn, 

I'm pretty sure it's my own fault that I have you at the moment. I don't think putting Branston Pickle on my Chip Butty was the best idea but I was curious to see what it tasted like and to be honest.. It was so delicious.. But I am sorry because now I am dying from you and I'm not going to lie.. It hurts. 

Hoping you leave soon,
Liane x 

Dear Cheddar (The Dog) 

I'm sorry that I've been so mad at you today but you pooped in my house. Now let me explain something to you real quick Ched. You're a Rottweiler.. You're a big dog so when you go to the toilet, it's not a Jack Russell size poop and I don't appreciate being greeted with that.. So I'm sorry that I got upset but really.. you pooped in my house. 

With love, 
Mummy x

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