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Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

Wow.. Day 21 of the Blog Everyday In May Challenge! I'm quite impressed with the fact that so far I've only missed one day and even on that day I still blogged, just not about the topic prompt we were given. Normally with challenges that I participate in, along the way everyday life gets in the way and before I know it I've fallen too far behind. I'm happy that I've managed to keep up with this one though :)

So today calls for a list of links to my favorite posts that I've written. I've only been blogging here since February 2012 (I was over at Live Journal before that) so I feel like I don't have a lot to choose from but here goes nothing. 

My First Post.  - I always hate those 'first introduction' posts but it's what started this little blog of mine off so it must be included! 

Women's Connect 12 - I wrote a piece on fertility struggles for Women's Connect '12 and received such a great response to it. Little did I know that just nine days on I would find out that I was pregnant with Emily! 

Announcing My Pregnancy - This post makes me laugh. You can tell that I was a rush of excitement and nerves whilst I wrote it. It wasn't pre-planned or thought through. I literally grabbed the laptop and wrote. I guess I was that excited I just wanted to shout the news from the rooftops! 

Epilepsy Awareness Month - Seizures - I wrote a few posts over the course of Epilepsy Awareness Month. This one was about seizures and tips for helping someone who is suffering from one. 

Three Mum Goals - I wrote this last year. It was three mum goals for that week. 

A Letter To James that I wrote the night before he started Nursery... Then all about his first day! 

I had forgotten so many of the things that I have written over the past year and a half! I wish I could include more of them but I don't want to bombard this post! These above are just some of my favorites.. They're not necessarily my best written ones but they are ones that make me smile when I read them. 

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  1. Def. going back to reread some of those posts.


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