Fab Friday!

Normally I write my posts in the morning but today I just wasn't feeling it so here I am now at 8.30pm, lying in bed, watching Netflix and writing.. It's time for my favorite link up of the week.. Fab Friday with Laura!

1 - It is now offically half term from Nursery!
Yay to not having to rush around in the mornings and be out of the house by 8am! 
No one needs that in their third trimester. 

2 - Speaking of which.. I'm in my third trimester! 
The home stretch! 
Sometimes I feel like I still have ages to go and then other times I think of the fact that I will be full term in nine weeks and that scares the hell out of me! 

3 - Lately James has been showing a keen interest in football. 
He must get it from my Sister, Chloe, because neither Anthony or I can kick a ball in a straight line. 
This evening Chloe and I took him to the park so she could kick a ball around with him and he loved it. 
I'm looking into finding a club for him :)

4 - I'm still taking part in the Blog Everyday In May Challenge. 
That in itself should be celebrated as normally with challenges I end up getting distracted half way through and then feeling bad so I give up.. Still going strong on this one though!

And there are my best parts of this week! What's been great about your week?

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