Fab Friday.

It's that time of the week again! 
Write what's been Fab about your week..
Then head over to Laura's blog and link up.. Simples :)
My Fab Moments From This Week... 

1 - The Blog Everyday In May challenge started this week with Jenni.. 
I am loving getting back to the simplicity of writing. 

2- Wednesday was my Sisters Birthday. 
My Mum and I went to visit and surprised her by taking James, who was meant to be at nursery. 
James loves his Auntie MeMe :)

3 - I saw my midwife this week. 
Everything with baby girl looks good..
She booked my Glucose Tolerance Test for the 16th..
That's not so Fab.. 

4 - Yesterday I went into my back garden to hang some washing out on the line and my fruit trees that were bare a week ago now have gorgeous flowers!

{Pear Tree}

{Cherry Tree}

{Pear Tree}

This will be the 3rd Summer since they've been planted. 
The first year we got one pear which James pulled off before it was ready. 
The second year we had lots of little apples which the kids picked off whilst they were still babies. 
This year, I'm hoping for lots of fruit! 

What's been fab in your week?


  1. So where's the partridge? Har har har har. Or wait, that's for Christmas. Hm.

  2. Haha!! Yep.. That's definitely Christmas :)


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