Fab Friday & Blog Everyday In May.

I'm participating in two link up's today. 
Fab Friday with Laura &
The Blog Everyday In May challenge with Jenni. 

Okay, so first things first.. Fab Friday! 

1 - This week has been pretty quiet which I am not complaining about! 
It's been nice to not have any major stresses to worry about. *touch wood!*

2 - I placed an Amazon order on Tuesday for some baby stuff.. 
Which included the Angelcare Monitor. 

It's out for delivery today and I'm excited. With James we just had a normal monitor but we learnt our lesson when night after night we would be continually checking his breathing. 
Hopefully with this little device our minds will be more at ease. 

3 - I have a day to myself today! 
James is at Nursery and Anthony has gone to visit his Dad.. 
Me? I'm cleaning.. Oh the joys :)

Now.. Our prompt for the Blog Everyday In May Challenge today was.. A favorite photo of ourselves. I am definitely not the most photogenic person in the world. My two sisters can take a brilliant photo after just rolling out of bed with no make-up on and their hair all over the place.. Me? I can't take a descent photo even when I try really hard.. 

I love this one though.. 

It was taken on Mothers Day last year and it's one of my favorites of me and my little guy. 
I do better taking photos when I have someone in the picture with me :)


  1. It's sweet!! I love how you two mesh into each other in this photo...you can see all the love :)

  2. My sister used the Angel Care monitor and she had nothing but great things to say about it.


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