Emily - Twenty Eight Weeks.

Today is - Monday, May 27th, 2013

How far along - 28 weeks.

Baby is - A girl! 

Total weight gain - According to my scales I'm still at 14lbs, but they're very temperamental so I won't know for sure until Wednesday when I see my midwife. 

Baby is the size of - An Iceberg Lettuce.

Whats going on with baby - Emily's brain is developing it's folds and grooves and she is adding layers of fat to her body. She is already head down :)

What going on with Mummy - Apart from SPD which is causing me a lot of pain when I go from sitting to standing and also when I roll over in bed at night, I'm good!

Maternity clothing - Definitely.

Sleep - Rolling over in bed at night is torture but no other complaints in the sleep department really. 

Movement - She is very similar to how James was.. One day she will move loads and the next day I get hardly anything.. I'm starting to think that her arms and legs are pointing inside of me and that's why I feel nudges and wriggles more than anything else. 

Food Cravings/Aversions - No aversions really. I've noticed an increase in appetite this week.

Symptoms - 

Achiness - My legs especially. 


SPD - Which has slowly gotten worse this week. 
Contractions - They've slowed down in the past week.. Thank goodness! 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - Absolutely everything is different! His pregnancy was a dream compared to this! :)

Best moments this week - James finishing Nursery for a week and also having a somewhat descent appetite.

And just for fun.. Here's a little comparison of belly shots that I threw together in about 2 minutes.. 

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