Day Five - My Three Favorite Blogs!

When I first went through the prompts for this Blog Everyday In May challenge I was really excited about today's topic. "Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends."
Now I've only been at this whole blogging thing for just over a year so I'm still pretty much an unknown face in the Blog World but I do have some blogs that I love to read and comment on. So today I wanted to give three of my favorites a little shout out. 


First up is Nici over at Dig This Chick.  I'm sure a lot of you have already heard of Nici or read her blog. She is raising her two girls in Montana and has her sewing business which she runs from her home. As if that didn't make her busy enough, Nici grows her own food and keeps chickens. Her writing is amazing. I love how she see's the world and all it's beauty and then manages to shows us that beauty through her words and photos. 
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Next up is Laura from The Everyday Joys. I first started reading Laura's Live Journal many years ago, then she moved to Blogger and about a year later I stumbled across her Blog. She is a Military Wife and has recently delivered her second little boy! I love Laura's Blog because she is so down to earth. I admire her faith and the way she always find the good in situations. 
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And last but not least is Melody from Dance Parties In The Rain. From the moment you start reading Melody's blog you will be captured by her zest for life! If you give her lemons she will give you lemonade. She has the most adorable little boys, a beautiful baby girl and also runs her Etsy business from home. I honestly do not have any idea how she does it all but if you don't read her blog then trust me.. You are missing out! 

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And there you have it. Me professing my love for my three favorite bloggers. I admire them all so please why don't you hop on over and say hi :)

And.. just as I've posted this I decided to read the rest of the months' prompts.. Day 19 is "Blogs you love to read.." Oh dear.. Hopefully the Blog Police won't be knocking on my door! 

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  1. coffee, books, mom, photographer...my kind of girl! happy to meet you!


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