Blog Everyday In May - My Three Worst Traits.

Jenni really is testing my blogging skills with these prompts! Today we have to write about our three worst traits which technically should be simple for me, seen as I am my own worst critic. However thinking something about yourself is one thing and then actually writing it down for the whole blogging world to see is whole different story. 


This is the first thing that came into my head. I am probably an awful person to live with. I like things to be done in a certain way and prefer to do them myself so then I know that they are done 'my way.' Take the household chores for example.. I know that Anthony is fully capable of loading the dishwasher but I like the plates to face a certain way and for the cups to go on a certain side.. So I figure that if I do it then I won't have to moan at him when he puts a plate in back to front! 


Anthony and I are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum with this one.. I snap at the littlest of things.. I have no idea if it is a woman thing or if it's just me but the slightest thing will have me crying and shouting, but then it's over and done with really quickly. I don't stay angry for long..


I'm going to list this as one of my flaws as I cannot see how it could be a good thing about my personality. Due to my Emetophobia I suffer a lot with anxiety.. Since I've gotten pregnant, I've learnt how to control it better and not let it get to me but before that? Was I a ball of nerves! I would have 15 plus anxiety attacks a day. I would go days without leaving the house sometimes just because of my fear. I'm now doing so much better but I get scared that one day I will go back to that dark place.

Okay, so now I've confirmed to you all that I am a complete nutcase.. I'm off to watch Netflix in bed! 

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  1. I am a perfectionist too, I prefer to do things myself. I like certain things in certain places. :)


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